Wheelchair Accessible Sinks

Wheelchair Accessible Sinks in New Hampshire

[dropcap color=”navy-vibrant” font=”times” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-4em”]A[/dropcap] wheelchair accessible sink is usually the last thing on most builders minds when they are building or remodeling a home.  For this reason, it’s becoming a more common home improvement project.  In some cases the homeowner may have suffered an accident that has forced them into a wheelchair and their home then needs to be modified.

Mason Bros. Construction has extensive experience working with disabled homeowners to make their homes more accessible.  We have many solutions for wheelchair accessible sinks and can help you make a decision based on your specific accessibility needs.

Having a wheelchair accessible sink in your or your loved ones home will make it easier for them to use the sink without having to stretch out, or dangerously prop themselves up on their chair.

How Do We Make Your Sink More Wheelchair Accessible?

  • Most often the existing plumbing under your sink was never originally setup with wheelchair accessibility in mind, the existing drains are right where your footrests and knees need to go.  The plumbing almost always needs to be redone.
  • The cabinet or cupboards underneath the sink will need to come off.
  • The cabinet base or bottom of the cupboards will also be removed.
  • Adjustable height units are available as well.

Manufacturers have also started listening to consumer needs and have started coming up with very innovative solutions for wheelchair accessible sinks and Mason Bros. Construction can help you choose, then install one of these units as well if that’s the route you’d like to go.

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