Wheelchair Ramps

Wheelchair Ramp Construction in New Hampshire

[dropcap color=”color-default” font=”times” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-4em”]W[/dropcap]heelchair Ramps improve the accessibility to your home or business for people who use walkers, scooters or are confined to a wheelchair.  A tiny flight of stairs is an almost impossible feat for somebody in a wheelchair – or their caregiver – and a ramp becomes a much needed requirement.

Mason Bros. Construction has extensive experience building wheelchair ramps and we can work with you to build the ramp that suits your needs and budget.

Wheelchair Ramp Services We Provide:

  • Modular wheelchair ramp construction.
  • Wooden wheelchair ramp construction.
  • Wheelchair ramp design and consulting.
  • Wheelchair ramps for businesses and public buildings.

Remember This Formula for Wheelchair Usable Ramps: 1 on 12.  That means for every foot of rise up to an entrance, you’ll need a minimum of 12 feet of ramp. A steep ramp can make it impossible and dangerous for someone in a manual wheelchair, not to mention dangerous.  If space permits, it’s even better to have 20 feet of ramp for every foot of rise and somewhere between 12 and 20 feet is ideal.

Did You Know…?

Ramps must be at least three feet wide and have handrails on both sides. For every 30 inches of ramp rise, there must be a level rest platform at least five feet long. Additionally, wherever the wheelchair ramp changes direction, a five-by-five foot rest platform must be provided. If there is a drop off on one side of a ramp, some kind of protective curb is necessary.

As you can see, many factors need to be considered when building and designing the ideal wheelchair ramp for your home or building.  Mason Bros. Construction guides you through our streamlined process, gathering your information and ideas of building a wheelchair ramp totally painless, as we walk you through our streamlined process of gathering your information and ideas, right down to trim and paint.

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